Software for digitally documents about electrics plants - VIE

Liferay Platform 6.1

The italian law that regulates Power System Testing is the DM 462/01, it highlights the frequency of verification of systems and the expert organizations.

The system is developed to organize, archive and digitally controlling all documents produced in compliance with regulations.

Il sistema viene sviluppato quindi per organizzare, archiviare digitalmente e controllare tutta la documentazione prodotta nel rispetto della normativa.

Digital archiving and the folders structure it allows you to have an immediate access to information related to the periodicity of the findings to implement, internally, all the activities necessary for the verification request form to the awarding bodies.

The License include:

  • Plugin Document Library Portfolio (ver.1.0)
  • Plugin Scadenziario Calendar (ver. 1.0)
  • it digitally stores the documents produced;
  • it gives you the possibility to share documents with the internal staff;
  • it stores documents by versioning and multilevel folder management;
  • it manages deadlines relating to test for plant and verification type;
  • it has a portlet "Datario" displaying deadlines for plants;
  • it manages electronic documents in PDF format ISO PDF for electronic storage on optical media.

Who is it for?

Mining and construction companies, industries and organizations.