Multiple image uploads: Flash Player version 10 issue

In versions prior to TinfoPortal 5, multiple uploading of images via the "Image Gallery" portlet is unusable if the version of the flash player installed in the client is 10 or higher.

To check the installed Flash player version click HERE

If the version is equal to or greater than 10 we can upload the images by:

  • simply using the classic upload (1 file at a time) OR
  • downgrading from version 10 to 9 of the flash player

How to downgrade Adobe Flash Player from version 10 to 9:

  1. Go to this page;
  2. Download the Flash Player 9 archive (99 MB);
  3. Extract the 9r115 folder from the downloaded archive;
  4. Use the installer suitable for your system and your browser (for example: "flashplayer9r115_win.exe" for Firefox on Windows).