How to automatically categorize invoices

Open the configuration panel of the document board and scroll down to the "Invoice Configuration" section, we will meet the following screen:

  • First select the "Activate invoice recognition" box.
  • Then in the "Supplier invoice category" field, let's enter the name of the category we want to use to identify supplier invoices, the category must have been previously entered in the portal through the Liferay panel "Contents -> Categories".
  • In the "Supplier invoice tag" field, we enter the name of the tag with which we want to identify supplier invoices.
  • In the "Identifiers in the object by supplier" field, we must indicate the words separated by a comma "," present in the subject of the email, through which we want to identify the supplier invoice, for example "Billing,  Invoice".
  • Regarding the customer invoice, we will repeat the same steps applied for the supplier invoice.
  • After filling in all the fields, click on "Save".