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TinfoDoc: A clever alternative to classic Outlook

A single tool to organize, manage and certify with your mail client the documental flows of your company.

With TinfoDoc it is possible to reduce up to 70% of the time spent processing and sorting emails, facilitating work and the internal collaborative process for the benefit of business productivity.



Here are some of the main features:

  • Internal communication system between people and their offices.

 In this way, no internal communication is lost, and at the same time, the use of e-mails is lightened, through a fast, simple and immediate functionality.

  • Taking charge of a document        

We always know who is dealing with a particular communication. This system also helps us keep our virtual desk clean, as we can hide the documents other colleagues are working on from view.

  • Reminders

All documents for which we have set a reminder are shown in a paged list. Through this feature we can schedule our activities in the best possible way.

  • Automatic sorting and archiving

Every document mail, PEC, fax, etc. can be collated in special virtual folders. Tree navigation between folders is simple and intuitive, and we can always switch between the file and the document through a system of reciprocal links.

                 What is the IT Protocol Form 

                    Open the TinfoDoc Technical Sheet 

TinfoDoc is based on Liferay ©  Technology, Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Gartner's 2015 horizontal portals.

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