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Tinfo Polls: software for online survey

System to collect data related to customer satisfaction and the analysis of training needs, in order to monitor the satisfaction, the enterprise performance and further customers requests.

The license includes:

  • Questionnaires Portlet (ver. 1.1)
  • Administered Questionnaires Portlet (ver. 1.1)


  • Portlet Access also from the control panel
  • Questionnaires creations with different question types: single choice, multiple choice, yes / no questions, free text
  • Questions association to external resources (to manage the different individual applications)
  • View and print the empty questionnaire
  • View and export of the responses on questionnaires
  • Duplicating a questionnaire

Administered questionnaires

  • Administration users to one or more questionnaires created
  • Saving the answers on individual questions

Buy the License or use the Saas service:

  • License

It includes: form for the creation and management of Questionnaires with dashboards display reports.

  • SaaS

It includes: Unit annual use to create and manage questionnaires with dashboards display reports.

Who is it for?

Companies, organizations and professionists.

Contact us at 0543 777375

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