Tinfo Import - Registry of rejected files

During the FTP import operations of the enclosures containing barcode, it can happen that in some files the barcode is not read by the system (for example due to documents cut, damaged, folded or with the barcode covered).

Through the Registry of rejected files, it is possible to list these files and assign them a barcode manually (if the related xml file with metadata sent by software is present in the system Clima di Eskimo).


Click the Actions button next to each file


1 - Download: download the file for a local verification

2 - Rename: rename the discarded file eliminating the initial suffix up to the underscore character _. This suffix contains day month year and time when the file was discarded and is automatically added by the system.


3 - Set barcode: choose the relevant barcode to associate from the appropriate drop-down menu and click Save


It is also possible to Delete a file, for example if by mistake a reverse scanned sheet, a blank sheet, or a non-compliant document without a barcode inside it was sent via FTP.

Note: Once the barcode is associated, the document will disappear from the list of discarded files and will be available for search and consultation in the flow bulletin board and via links from software Clima di Eskimo

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