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Software for CDA and Collegial Bodies

Solution for drafting agendas

The "College Bodies" application manages the publication of documents relating to resolution proposals and reports that will constitute the Agenda of each deliberating session of the body.

With Tinfo CDA - Collegial Bodies, we then move from a paper-based management to a digital one, in order to make the documents available to the rightholders at any time through the intranet portal and reduce the costs and problems relating to use and card management.

Organize the meetings of the Boards of Directors better by reducing the use of the card

Tinfo CDA - Collegial Organs is a software that allows you to manage the Boards of Directors in a completely innovative way, through its intuitive interface, to check documents and verify data, eliminating paper and thus optimizing the time and cost of preparing each session.

Permission management, with personal credentials, ensures maximum security for data access and speeds up use, in fact, all Directors can consult useful data quickly and effectively, directly online.

With a single server installation, you can manage multiple Boards of Directors and thus optimize management costs.

Who is it for?

Large industries, Park Authorities, Universities, Local Authorities, Health Agencies.

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