How to delete a Liferay user?

The procedure to delete an internal user with access to the system is made up of two steps:

1) Deactivate the user

2) Delete the user


We remind you that the Username and the Email Address are key parameters for Liferay and must therefore be unique among all the active or inactive users present in the system.

As a result, Username or Email Address of users who are simply disabled cannot be reused; to do this it is necessary to eliminate them definitively.


You can do this by following these steps:

1) Deactivate the user: this means keeping all the user's data but no longer allowing him access.

To deactivate a user you need to go to:

1.1) Control Panel

1.2) Users and Organizations -> Users (All Users)


Pannello di Controllo utenti Liferay


1.3) if necessary, search the user with the appropriate search form on the right

1.4) at the selected user: Actions -> Disable


Disattiva Utente Liferay


The user will therefore no longer be present in the default list, which only shows active users.


2) Delete the user: this means permanently deleting the user registry

2.1) Access the Control Panel

2.2) Users and Organizations -> Users (All Users)

2.3) Search for the User with the appropriate search form on the right by selecting from the drop-down menu: Show=Inactive


Visualizza utenti Liferay inattivi


2.4) in correspondence of the selected user: Actions -> Delete

Elimina utente Liferay


It will no longer be possible to restore a Deleted user.