Procedure for site optimization in search engines using G5 CMS

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. Choose the Guest community (public)
  3. From the top menu select Page Settings
  4. Click on the name of the page you want to optimize from the left menu
  5. "Title of HTML" field insert a title that includes some key words related to the content of the page, this field will update the title tag of the site, and will appear in the bar at the top of the browser, example (Tinfo - Online courses - Distance learning - Document management - IT consulting)
  6. "Theme changes" item click on the button to show, 3 fields will open on which to enter the content
  7. Meta robot: write index, follow (index comma follow without spaces, everything in lower case) to index the page and all the links connected to it
  8. Description of the goal: insert a brief description of the page that takes up some concepts that can be searched by search engines, for example (Tinfo is an IT consulting company that mainly deals with distance learning, document archiving, protocol management, e-learning courses. )
  9. Meta keywords: insert a list of keywords without spaces, all in lowercase and separated by a comma example (e-learning courses, document archiving, IT protocol management, data storage, etc.)
  10. Save by clicking on the save button
  11. Repeat from point 4 onwards by modifying the title, description and keywords for each page, trying to insert terms that appear in the texts and that are consistent with the topic covered in the page