Send notifications to students via notification tool

Log in as a teacher:

Classroom Courses -> Courses taught -> Locate the course -> Click the course -> Click Send student notifications (panel on the right)

At this point it is possible to send a communication to individual students selected from the database (student selection), or apply automatic selection filters (send communication to)

  • All students enrolled in the course
  • Students who have not yet had access to teaching
  • Students who have consulted part of the teaching but have not yet completed the course
  • Students who have completed the course

Fill in the subject field (mandatory) and the message text and press SEND.

It is possible to insert variables within the text of the message by copying and pasting the parameters

[$TO_NAME$]: Student's name
[$TO_ADDRESS$]: Student's email address

TinfoLearn allows you to send targeted communications to all students enrolled in a course