Set the discard date for documents

When a new user joins the Organization, he is assigned to the relevant offices.

This assignment implies that all documents filed by the system over the years, are made immediately available to the user and that the latter therefore has knowledge of all the relevant corporate facts.

At the same time, however, the user finds all company communications on the bulletin board, including those relating to corporate facts that have now been concluded and archived, and in some cases this could be counterproductive and unnecessarily burdensome research and use of the contents.

To overcome this problem, we have introduced the possibility of setting a personal "scrap date" on the documents.

Each user will then be able to fill in the appropriate field within his personal account (My Account) and set the filter necessary to display only documents subsequent to that date; therefore more recent:

Setting as date 02/07/2015 for example, the system is requested not to show all documents previously saved on that date on the notice board (see image below):

The previous documents will still be accessible through specific research or direct access from the file to which they belong.