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Legal Document Conservation

Do you want to keep tax receipts, invoices, documents and contracts? Do you want to make your organization more efficient without thinking about paper and paper archives but tools that create, send, organize and archive data and documents automatically?

Our substitutive conservation services respond to the need to manage documents quickly and efficiently, structuring the entire document "life cycle" and conforming it to the Italian legislation on the subject, DPCM December 3, 2013 and subsequent amendments for the legal validity of electronic documents .

The new regulations in fact encourage the elimination of paper storage and replacement with electronic archiving, both for companies and for Public Administrations.

  • Tinfo offers a standard storage service that develops through:


  • ON-Line storage of documents from digital originals with consultation certificate of payment of the conservation lot
  • Ten-year preservation of individual documents (both images and data) in partnership with CompED, our accredited partner at Agid, an Italian government body for accessing organizations to be certified and authorizing CompED for ten-year conservation


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