How to find holes in legal conservation?

How can I check if there are holes in the lots of tax receipts stored?

From the main screen, click on "View Fiscal Received Holes", you will be sent to the following page:

Then select the range of dates and the type of document (currently only tax receipts) of which you want to check the holes and / or any problems of the documents, then click on "Check Holes".

The result will be the following:



The first green top line informs us that there are a certain number of documents ready to be stored within that range of dates, if the line does not appear it means that there is no document ready for storage.

The panel on the left takes care of displaying problems relating to documents, the specific problem will be reported in the "Error" column, by clicking on the button, the document will open to make the necessary corrections.

The panel on the right takes care of visualizing the holes of the fiscal receipts, the ids that are missing are those included between the two extremes for example the line "1/2016 - 10/2016" informs us that the documents from 2 to 9 inclusive are absent . To have a complete picture it is always necessary to select the range of dates starting from the first of January of the year you want to check, as otherwise the documents relating to the previous months would be reported as holes.