How to classify a registry

The personal data of persons and bodies can be classified individually or massively following a selection.

To classify a single registry, it is sufficient to evaluate the contents of the Categories section.

1) Attribution to single contact:

Dettagli Anagrafica

The insertion or modification interface presents a specific item on the right menu dedicated to the classification assignment.

Clicking on the Categories entry a screen appears in which, depending on how configured, there are various classification trees (an example is given below):

Categorie Anagrafica

Clicking on the Select button opens a popup with the classification items linked to the specific tree.

Classificazione Anagrafiche

From here you can select one or more items and save to make sure they are assigned to the registry.

Salvataggio dati Anagrafica


2) Multiple attribution:

Following a search, it is possible to select a set of registries. Following selection, an Actions menu will be activated including a list of multiple actions including the ability to assign classifications:

Classificazione multipla

Clicking on Classification, the popup will open with the list of the various classification trees and clicking Select will open an additional popup with the classification items linked to the specific tree.

Categorie selezionate

Classificazione Anagrafiche

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