How to update the document types

Note: it is necessary to have the permissions to access the document types modification area (in this case contact the administrator).

Select the "Content" item under the "Administration" menu:

select in the list of sites, top left, the one of interest:

select the "Categories" section and the "Document Type" vocabulary:

use "Add Category" to add a new document type item or, selected an item, use the context menu on the right (Edit, Delete, ...).

The updated list will be visible when creating or editing a document:


The document type is a label that applies to the document / flow attachment for:

  • be able to search quickly (I look for all the lists of the month)
  • to be able to export it (eg I want to put all passive invoices for the year into legal conservation)

We suggest an evaluation of the typology list keeping in mind the following functional aspects:

  • the type of document is global, transversal to offices and users (each user will see the same selection list of document type). The "personal" types are therefore not recommended
  • the typology should univocally classify the content of the documents; the advanced document search function available on the multifunction board provides for the selection of a single document type value. For archive holders (multilevel) or multiple approaches (document type VERBALE and TICKET and CUSTOMER PRIVATE is not correct)