Plugin Tinfo Newsletter


  • Possibility to create and publish "n" different newsletter categories on the portal for the voluntary subscription.
  • Direct user registration to one or more categories of interest and right of automatic cancellation from each email received (feature valid for users signed in categories from the portal)
  • Possibility to manually associate email addresses to different categories
  • Automatic email to confirm the correct registration from portal
  • Possibility to manage the newsletter mailing to different email groups that belongs to one or more categories, but also to users, groups and companies profiled in the internal address book
  • Default graphic template in order to format the newsletter body, possibility to edit it using the preferences
  • HTML editor to create the newsletter with the possibility to attach images and files
  • Sent email history with the possibility to get back the html text and duplicate the newsletter
  • Possibility to see sent / received emails statistics, opening of single or multiple email and access to single portal sections
  • Possibility to verify via link (in the body of the newsletter) the user's access to the portal


The plugin was developed to provide a complete system for the newsletter management. It's possible to define one or more newsletter categories and publish them on the portal, in this way, the user can decide to sign up himself to the desired category/ies.

User registration from the portal historicizes all data in the portlet Tinfo Address Book; it is possible to set the registration portlet so that the user would be also logged in the internal address book and enabled for the access to certain sections of the portal. In addition to the voluntary subscription system from the portal, it is possible to associate (or disassociate) the email addresses to newsletter categories manually.

The newsletter's body is sent through a default graphic template. However, it ‘s possible to edit the model through the BackOffice preferences (Newsletter Manager) portlet. Moreover, the system gives the possibility to prepare a free newsletter.

There is also the possibility to have a look to all the sent emails with a report, opened email and access to the portal.

Newsletter Registration Portlet

Graphical User Interface

  • Portlet to be included in the public part (visible and accessible from the Guest user);

  • It allows the registration of a user's data and the enrollment in one or more newsletter categories. The category can be static (set by the portlet preferences) or dynamic (request parameter that define the identifications of the categories to which enroll the user);
  • Enable / Disable processing of personal information;
  • Enabling / Disabling CAPTCHA;
  • Mailing the user who does the registration (in order to have the registration confirmation);
  • Mailing an enrollment summary for the BackOffice portal operators.


  • External address book Community (mandatory parameter): It identifies the community in which users must be registered in the registry and from which has to be retrieved newsletter categories;
  • Newsletter Category: It force the user's registration to this category;
  • Enable CAPTCHA: If checked, It does a check of the text via CAPTCHA during the user registration at the newsletter;
  • Enables the processing of personal data: If checked, it displays the processing of personal data approval during the user registration;
  • Privacy Policy: Text to display in the section concerning the processing of personal data;
  • Enable registration in the internal address book: If selected, the user is registered in the internal one (in addition to the external one), in this way he will have an account to access the portal;
  • User positions: Possible roles to assign to the user in the internal address book;
  • User's Community: Communities to which assign the user in the internal address book.
  • User's Groups: Groups to which assign the user in the internal address book ;
  • Sender's Name: Sender's name of the email that confirm the subscription to the newsletter;
  • Sender Email: Sender's e-mail address in order to receive the email confirmation of registration to the newsletter;
  • Enable HTML text: If selected, It sends the confirmation email in HTML format, otherwise it sends an email full of simple text;
  • Addressees request: List of BackOffice operators's e-mail addresses (separate from ":" ) who should receive the email list of newsletter subscriptions. If you do not specify any email address, they wouldn't be sent;
  • Request Subject: Subject of the summary email about all the subscriptions to the newsletter;
  • Request Text: Summary email's body about all the newsletter subscriptions;
  • Confirmation Subject: Newsletter subscription confirmation subject (e-mail addressed to the user who did the registration);
  • Confirmation Text: Email confirmation's body of the newsletter subscription(e-mail addressed to the user that did the registration).

Newsletter Manager Portlet

Graphic user interface

  • BackOffice portlet (access reserved only to operators)
  • Newsletter creation and mailing (selection of categories to which send the newsletter);

  • Possibility to send a test email to the own email address in order to check both format and links in the newsletter body;

  • It is possible to keep signed mailing errors from SMTP server.
  • History of all the sent newsletters and statistics (mailing, opening, portal access details etc…)

Set up

  • Data Scope: Company level (it is possible to see all data portlet in all the company communities) or Community (it is possible to see all data portlet only from the community in which there's the portlet);
  • Sender's name (mandatory parameter): Newsletter sender's name;
  • Sender's Email (mandatory parameter): Newsletter sender's email address;
  • Cancellation URL (mandatory parameter): URL of the newsletter cancellation page (portal page where there is the Portlet newsletter registration);
  • Newsletter URL logo: URL to an image in Image Gallery to use as logo of the newsletter (different parameters are added from the user to identify the opening of the email);
  • Header newsletter: Header of the newsletter (part of HTML code);
  • Footer newsletter: Footer of the newsletter (part of HTML code);

Newsletter Stats Recorder Portlet

Graphic user interface

  • Portlet to insert in the public part
  • No content visualized on the portal
  • Possibilty to check if the user has the access to the page via a link in the newsletter's body and update the newsletter statistics