Replace a badly scanned attachment

During the FTP import operations of the attachments containing barcode, it can happen that some files have not been scanned correctly and that it is therefore necessary to replace it with a correct version.

Through the versioning functionality of the attachments, present on each document, we can update the file without losing the information associated with the barcode.

Operations to be performed:

Search for the document containing the attachment to be replaced:

Access the Attachments section and download the file by clicking on the "Edit" button:

The attachment is displayed as "taken over":

Insert the correct file by clicking on the "Reinsert" button:

Choose the file from file system and save:

As can be seen from the image, the system maintains all versions of the file.

When you click to open the attachment, the last loaded version is shown but it is always possible to go back to the previous one by clicking on "View other versions":

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