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 Integrated Management System - SGI/IMS

The Integrated Management System health, safety and environment (HSE IMS) is the solution to standardize and check all the documentation related with Health, Safety and Environment.

It realizes an integrated system for documents management and distribution in which on one side all the activities of automatic emission, revision and deletion of documents are well managed, from the other, sending through distribution lists that occurs in a controlled and integrated mode with the existing e-mail systems in the company.


  • Front office area visible without authentication for document navigation
  • Area for back office operators and system administrators
  • Storage of different types of documents:
    • Codified documents
      • Policies and Manuals
      • Procedures
      • Emergency plans
      • Work Instructions
      • Relations
      • Modules
    • Substances and preparations management (Safety Data Sheets)
    • ADR Sheets
    • Environmental Analysis of the construction yards
    • Attachments
    • HSE Annual Report and Documents
    • Reconsideration Documents
    • Audit Documents
    • Newsletter Documents
    • DVR Documents
  • Searchable Documents for multiple classifications, by coding or words contained in documents
  • Document Versioning and their revisions
  • Automatic insertion of documents and attachments
  • Distribution lists for automatic sending and planned documents via e-mail
  • Overview of the outcome sending emails and openings
  • Research on distribution lists using versioning

Who is it for?

Mining and construction companies, industries and organizations.