Loss of impersonation of a user

When you impersonate a user it can happen that, in certain sections, you regain possession of your user unintentionally.

It is possible to return to impersonating the user by following the following steps:

  1. In the web address bar, when impersonating a user, a code appears at the end of the URL, example ?doAsUserId=99EoFKkbmJg%3D
  2. Copy the code from the? onwards and maybe paste it in a txt to be able to reuse it later
  3. When, by clicking somewhere on the site, the user impersonation is lost, it is sufficient to paste the string previously copied, example http://www.mysite.com/page-chisiamo?doAsUserId=99EoFKkbmJg%D
  4. Press enter and the page is refreshed again with the user impersonated
With TinfoLearn, every teacher can impersonate a student to verify the conditions