Send mail to homogeneous groups of registries

From TinfoDoc's mail client it is possible to send mail to homogeneous groups of mail.

For homogeneous groups we mean a set of emails classified in the same way (see How to classify a registry).

To send an email to a group you need:

1) Go to the e-mail wall: Write -> Outgoing document

Andare nella bacheca di posta elettronica: Scrivi -> Documento in uscita


2) Click on the recipients menu -> Select Group

Cliccare sul menu dei destinatari -> Seleziona Gruppo


3) Select the category or categories (group) to which you want to send the email

Selezionare la o le categorie (gruppo) alle quali si vuole inviare la mail


4) By clicking on the name of the group, the list of master data classified with that specific value appears:

Cliccando sul nome del gruppo, appare l'elenco delle anagrafiche classificate con quel determinato valore


5) After completing the subject and the text of the email, click on Send