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HSE document management software

Integrated systems for document distribution

Through the Tinfo HSE suite (Health, Safety, Environment), all the communication of issue, revision, elimination of documents is managed, in a controlled and integrated way with the existing e-mail systems in the company.

The types of documents currently managed are:

  • Coded documents
  • Substances and preparations (Safety Data Sheets)
  • ADR cards
  • Environmental Analysis Construction Sites
  • Attachments to the Documents
  • DVR / DUVRI / Information sheets
  • Bordering Spaces
  • Other documents

The application allows you to manage on-line, download and print all the forms, graphs, tables, files attached to individual documents.

All documents are searchable by multiple classifications or by words contained in documents (search engine).

Access to documents is controlled and all management and display activities of each individual document can be tracked.

Let's see in detail the 4 software that make up the Tinfo HSE product suite (Health, Safety, Environment):

Tinfo SGI

The Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System (SGI HSE) is the solution to standardize, monitor and distribute all Health, Safety and Environmental documentation.

Discover Tinfo SGI - Integrated Management System

Tinfo TM

Document management system that provides a complete document management system with categorization, sorting and filing of documents related to the concessions and installations of on-shore and off-shore mining titles.

Check out Tinfo TM - Mining Titles

Tinfo DSSC

It is the solution for documentary distribution of all coordinated health and safety documents.

Discover Tinfo DSSC - Coordinated Safety and Health Documents

Tinfo VIE

Digital filing system for documents relating to electrical systems.

Check out Tinfo VIE - Electrical System Checks

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