Document Management Training

Documents Dashboard:

  • Document Concept - the difference between document and file. 
  • Metadata Concept - mandatory metadata related to the protocol concept, this is linked with "locking document" concept, sorting, classification, etc. 
  • Document Types - business letters, orders, bills, lists, project analysis, reporting, etc. 
  • How to create a document? - Creation wizard divided in several sections: general data, sorting, visibility assignment in the company, insertion of file attachments and choice of the mailbox recipient. 
  • Flows to be included - paper, email, email PEC, FAX and other possible flows from other applications. 
  • Sharing with colleagues and other areas: the assignment, the "locking concept", the blog for the exchange of information on the internal document.
  • Classification document Concept - use of Tag and tree Classification. 
  • "Folder as collector" concept of corporate events (contracts, projects, practices, etc.). 
  • Business Address Book Concept - standard and shared address book among all colleagues. 


  • The TinfoDOC email client, differences with Outlook and / or GMail:
    • The wizard compilation;
    • Addresses from the address book and free;
    • The attachment from desk, from other email (routing) from mediaLib, from sorting;
    • The answer: reply / reply all / forward;
    • Assigning documents and locking them;
    • Editing a document, focusing on change the classification;
  • The search:
    • Indexed fields;
    • Full text search;
    • Advanced search;
    • Applying filters to search results;

Examples of communications by area: administration sends and receives quotes, orders and invoices; production sends and receives Analysis, Requirements and patterns of plant; service sends and receives FAQ, Alerts, ... (group dialogue to secure dialogue cases for each operator and personalize the interpretation of the model) Possible list of cases to be left in a "bulletin board".
Organization and structuring of folders as a new storage business system of production activities: configuration of custom fields depending on the "type folder" and automatic collation rules.