Correct and modify SCORM package with non-compliant characters


In case of use of special characters in the teaching name set during export (publish) it is necessary to correct the course identification in the LMS area. For example, replacing the character / with the character -

Below is the sequence of operations to be performed to correct, re-export and reload the correct package:

To correct the identifier:

From Articulate -> Publish -> LMS tab -> Reporting and Tracking -> LMS Lesson SCORM Information -> Identifier -> Replace the / with another character, for example using the - (hyphen).

At that point re-export the teaching, re-create the zip

To modify package:

From TinfoLearn -> Administration -> Content -> Documents & Media -> SCORM Packages -> Identify teaching -> Edit -> Browse (upload new zip) -> Publish

To hook up a new package to the Course:

From TinfoLearn -> Classroom Courses -> Courses Held -> Identify the course -> Attach SCORM package -> Select package and activate the Force upload checkbox in the case of course correction already active -> Save