Guide to legal replacement storage

How can I create a legal replacement for tax receipts?

The following screen will open:



Select as storage lot "rf Fiscale Receipt", as the type of document "Outgoing document", and the range of receipt issuing dates, then click on "Execute Conservation".



In this first phase, the screen will show you the number of documents ready for storage at the top right, and the problems encountered in the analysis of documents in the selected date range at the bottom left. Clicking on "Problems" will open a screen with a list of all the problems detected, and the related link to the document of interest.



Only the documents in which all the necessary data are present are sent to storage, the others remain pending correction, will then be stored in a subsequent lot.



Then click on "Create Archive".



At the end of the archiving procedure, the "Create Pdv" button will appear at the top right, clicking on it will open a pop-up requesting confirmation of the (irreversible) storage operation on CompEd.

At the end of storage, if everything went well, the conservation status will be changed to "The documents have been stored on CompEd".

To check the result just go to the document board and perform a search by selecting the tax receipts in the same range of dates used for storage, you will notice that the documents stored are marked with a red padlock icon, clicking on it will download the relative conservation receipt to the payment package in which that document is located.