How to upload SCORM packages

The SCORM packages are loaded into the Document & Media Library from the Control Panel.

Access to the folder that contains them is managed by specific permissions. Usually a special "E-Learning Admin" role is created and assigned to a few people in the organization who will then have specific permissions to administer the platform.

Following the instructions for loading the package:

1) Go to -> Control Panel

Document and Media Liferay

2) Make sure you are on the Safety Italy E-Learning website (if this is not the case, select it from the drop-down menu in the left menu above the Documents and Media item)

3) Click on the item Documents and Media in the menu on the left

4) Click on the SCORM Packages folder

Document and Media Liferay: Basic Document


5) Open the menu ADD -> Basic Document

Document and Media Liferay: Caricamento pacchetto SCORM


6) Browse -> select the compressed file (.ZIP) to attach

7) Enter a Title for example: Worker Update - UD7 Lighting and Microclimate

8) In the Description field, enter the duration of the course, for example: Duration: 60 min.

9) Click Publish and wait for the file to load.


Once the file is loaded it is possible to see it in the list and, by clicking on it, view the associated metadata.

Didattica ELearning SCORM

Within this interface it is possible to make changes to the file, for example by uploading a more updated version.

TinfoLearn manages SCORM content in Standard 1.2